Brad's Christmas Lights

WELCOME! You can get your name in lights by connecting your phone/tablet to the Interactive Xmas Lights WI‑FI hotspot!

Get your Name in Lights! PRESS HERE to begin

Why WI‑FI? Well it's the easiest way to restrict the interactive functionally to just the people out the front of my house, rather than the entire world :-) NOTE: Whilst your WI‑FI is connected to the Hotspot, your device will not have any Internet access. Just disconnect the WI‑FI for your normal 3G Internet to return.

Visit for more info about my Display!

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Please switch off your headlights whilst parked

You are connecting to the WI-FI hotspot at your own risk! Whilst this system should not do any harm to your device, I will not be held responsible for any issue(s) that may arise. The Wi-Fi hotspot is not encrypted (eg: unsecure) therefore the usual unsecure WiFi risks should be considered. The Wi-Fi hotspot does not provide normal internet connectivity therefore your device and itís applications will not be able to access the Internet, email, or web-based apps/widgets (eg. Facebook, twitter, etc) whilst it is connected to the hotspot. (Just disconnect from the Wi-Fi to get your normal 3G internet back.) All HTTP/HTTPS/DNS traffic will be redirected via standard captive portal Wi-Fi technology to the server operating the interface for the display.

Compatibility with all devices cannot be guaranteed as this system has been custom programmed for this display. Your activity on this system is logged. Name requests maybe declined without reason. Any abuse or unruly behaviour may result in your device being banned from this system without reason. This system may be usage limited or taken offline completely in the event of wet weather, crowd control issues, technical gremlins.